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About Us

CasinosApproved was founded to help gamblers residing within Canada discover the best real money casino sites that have been licensed to entertain gamblers. Canadians are some of the best gamblers across the world.

As a professional player, you should visit to get the opportunity to play the best games and win big. We only list reputable and tested online casinos in Canada. Therefore, you should not worry about using low ranking or unlicensed sites. After winning money on the casinos listed on our site, you’ll be guaranteed that the money will reach you.

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    Our core values and principles have improved our performance

    Every successful organization is founded under solid values and principles. These values preserve the organization’s culture and control the daily operations of the organization. At Casinos Approved all our team: Diana Rose, David Barker, Mike Sandoval and Alice Johnson have several key principles that have made us become one of the most successful sites not only in Canada but also in the world.

    • ✅ Truth – Truth is one of our core principles that has enhanced our growth and development. Before listing an online casino, we conduct thorough research to discover the hidden truth. If a site complies with all the set requirements, we shall list it without altering information.
    • ✅ Transparency – We are transparent in all the operations we engage in daily. The Casino Approved team understands that transparency is crucial if it wants to build trust with online sites and players.
    • ✅ Quality – We only list reputable licensed casinos on our site to ensure that Canadian players access quality sites only. We only post high-quality information every time out.
    • ✅ Relevance – At Casino Approved, we are committed to being relevant to our players. Since our site is tailored for Canadian players, you’ll find relevant information about the best casinos that have been licensed to operate in Canada. Every piece of information posted is meant to help you up your game and win big.

    An overview of the reviews to expect on our site

    Reviews of Canada casinos

    canadian casinosWe test and assess our selection of online casinos extensively. We base our reviews on facts and the perspective of players. Since Casino Approved has maintained a close contact with some of the best casinos in the online world, we are in a better position to give an accurate picture of a variety of Canadian dollars’ online casino.

    Reviews of software used in Canada casinos

    Due to technological advancement, most gambling sites listed on CasinosApproved have a mobile platform that helps a player access his or her account on the go.

    Most CA mobile platforms support android, Windows and iPhone devices. With smartphones and computers, players can play their favorite games using the most trusted online casino Canada and win big.

    Reviews of best online casino games

    best casino gamesAmong the common title categories in CA include table games such as Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, online pokies real money Canada and craps, slots such as progressive, mobile, 3-reel and five-reel, Live dealer, online slots real money Canada and specialty games such as Bingo, Lotteries, and Scratch cards.

    Bonus offers

    The ultimate goal for every gambler is winning. Even if you play games during your leisure time to have fun, you still want to fatten your wallet at the end of the day.
    At Casino Approved, we discuss some of the best bonuses and promotions offered by the fastest payout online casino Canada.

    Compilations with the most convenient payment methods for Canada citizens

    canadian casino bonusAt Casino Approved, we discuss the best payment methods you can use to deposit and withdraw your funds. Some of the most convenient payment methods for online casino Canada dollars include bank transfer, Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, PayPal and Skrill to name a few. Our research findings show that most Canadian sites accept dollars and euro currency. You are wondering where to play casino games only with 1$ deposit? We will help you to find the best low deposit gambling sites opportunities!

    Who we are and what we bring?

    Diana Rose (owner)

    Diana Rose (owner)Diana Rose is the founder and owner of Casino Approved. She is courageous, ambitious and passionate about helping Canadian citizens discover the best real money casinos. She founded Casino Approved with her friends to make it easier for Canadians to choose from the best of the best in the industry.

    Diana by herself like to game time-to-time so as the all members of her team. She thinks that to do business in some niche you should be a part a of it.

    Email: [email protected]

    David Barker (chief content maker)

    David BarkerDavid has extensive experience in the gaming industry. He has worked with several major niche companies, is well versed in how casinos actually work. He is happy to share his experience with CasinosApproved readers.

    David is a big fan of sport and sports betting and he never miss a chance to gain some money while having fan. He is a researcher with mathematical and analytical type of thinking. David’s moto is “Only trust the facts.”

    Email: [email protected] 

    Mike Sandoval (editor)

    Mike SandovalHis creativity and attention to detail have made Mike Sandoval one of the most pursued editors not only in Canada but also the world. As a child, Mike knew what he wanted to become. His pieces of writing were some of the best in the learning institutions he attended.
    He worked with several online magazines before meeting with her friend, Diana Rose to create Casino Approved. His goal has always been helping people find what they are looking for.

    Email: [email protected] 

    Alice Johnson (copywriter)

    Alice JohnsonAlice Johnson is a passionate copywriter with lots of energy and zeal. You can always feel her emotions when going through content on Casino Approved. She relocated to Canada with her family after being laid off by the company she was working with and started freelancing jobs. And that’s when she discovered her passion. She loves reading books and improving her writing skills to continue creating great content for Canadian citizens.

    Alice take an active part in local iGaming community.

    Email:[email protected]

    Our team operates seamlessly

    At Casino Approved, we relentlessly search for the best online casinos, conduct comprehensive research and create content based on facts. Through the coordination of our talented team, we have managed to help the majority of Canadian players use safe online sites to access their favorite games and win big!

    Our articles undergo thorough scrutiny before they are posted on our platform. Through our experienced team of writers, you can always expect to read amazing reviews on our site every time.