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Gambling horoscope - all zodiac signsEver since the beginning of times, people have sought for various ways of improving their financial situation, always searching for new tips on how to get in front and get their hands on the dreamed fortune, bound to change their life for good. Also, one of the general human traits is to find meaning in every situation that we find ourselves in. The Chinese, for instance, are famous for their numerous superstitions, which they guide most choices on.

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Based on these things, in the world of casino games, anything that is believed to give you more chances on winning, becomes highly important. Sure, having a wagering strategy is paramount, getting to read your opponent’s intentions is quite the advantage in some games, but finding out your lucky numbers is also not something to cast aside.

What are gambling horoscopes?

In this context of getting an advantage before engaging in games where luck plays an important role, the gambling horoscope has appeared. The first issue that comes around is fighting off those which consider it a poor strategy to make decisions based on the interpretation of the positions of the planets. Playing betting games while using logical deductions is a must, but also knowing beforehand what is a lucky day to play casino can make the difference.
Everyone has had a day when all seemed to go inexplicably wrong, or when the personal energy level was at its lowest, without identifying a clear cause. Also, it’s clear that some prefer a certain type of games, in favor of others, mainly based on some general character traits. All of the above can be explained through the gambling luck horoscope. And even though perhaps the lucky horoscope numbers aren’t going to work in every lottery extraction, staying in touch with the astrological recommendations can at least offer some tips on how to approach the day ahead. The Chinese have a particular thorough approach on the casino horoscope, this being one of the first things they look at, when preparing to go on a gambling expedition.

How are they made?

Astrology is one of the oldest sciences known to man and as an immediate result, the fortune horoscope came to being. This is based on the interpretations of some characteristics generally available for a large percentage of people born in a certain period, related to a specific zodiac sign. Both the days and month when someone was born, carry astrological relevance. Alongside these life considerations, it goes further in details, being able to offer predictions about day to day aspects, according to the planets’ movements. There are many to guide themselves on the meaning of these predictions, the Chinese culture holding this in high regard.
It was just a matter of time until horoscope in gambling became an important matter. Getting some well-researched tips on how to better play some of the casino games, setting out from everybody’s own lucky numbers, days, colors and so on. This site offers some guidance in this area, and anyone can view their free gambling horoscope and check out whether this concept is a good match for them or not.

Different types of gambling horoscopes

People developed different expectations of the lucky gambling horoscope, with many sorts of details to focus on, trying to answer the best they can to all requirements:

  • Some players need a general view on the way the whole year is going to unfold, in this case a gambling horoscope 2022 is preferred
  • There are some sites that follow a more detailed movement of the planets, their influence on the zodiac signs changing from month to month.
  • Even more detailed, the weekly prognosis gives out tips on the optimal conditions of gambling. Some of these follow personalities from every sign with important achievements in the studied period, trying to establish a connection with all others that share the same sign with them.
  • The daily gambling horoscope, preferred by the Chinese, clearly points out the lucky gambling days, but also the bad days in which to trust your luck.

Other considerations on gambling horoscopes

Before getting in the middle of things and actually revealing this year’s predictions, there are a number of aspects we should clarify, for a better understanding of how to better read and use in a fruitful manner these forecasts.
First of all, nothing is 100 per cent sure, bulletproofed predictions, to be followed without being filtered through the players own analytical reasoning. After all, if this would be the case, we would all be winners, no matter what, easily driving casinos out of business. The zodiacal signs are a conglomerate of generally available traits for all those born within the specific period. There are people that find themselves represented by said features in a larger or smaller percentage, but statistically speaking, on average, they seem to have a high degree of accuracy.
The same can be said about winning numbers and lucky colors. They have been proven to work for a number of natives of the same zodiacal sign, for such a large number of times, that they become statistically relevant. The fact that they also have a scientific basis, through the part astronomy plays in this domain, and they’re not simply chosen based on superstitions alone, makes the idea of including these elements into a player’s plans to score the jackpot, even more attractive.
The readings of the horoscope can indeed work miracles, when thinking about giving a boost to the morale level, right before joining a casino game table. For instance, if the Libra gambling horoscope today mentions a rise in the player’s luck, he can sit at a poker table with a higher degree of self-confidence, ensuring that some of the other players get more intimidated.
But the aspect that almost invariably seems to be working is choosing the appropriate type of activities depending on the dominant nature of every zodiacal sign, as we’ll detail in every sign’s individual horoscope tips mentioned below.

Gambling horoscopes by zodiac signs:

  1. Aries gambling horoscope
  2. Taurus gambling horoscope
  3. Gemini gambling horoscope
  4. Gambling horoscope Cancer
  5. Leo gambling horoscope
  6. Virgo gambling horoscope
  7. Libra gambling horoscope
  8. Scorpio gambling horoscope
  9. Gambling horoscope Sagittarius
  10. Capricorn gambling horoscope
  11. Aquarius gambling horoscope
  12. Pisces gambling horoscope

Aries gambling horoscope

Aries gambling horoscopeNatives of this particular sign are well-known for their competitiveness, often times bringing it to the point where it borderlines aggression. It might seem like a good point to pursue playing games where the competition is bound to bring out this spirit. However, sooner or later it seems things begin going on the aggression slope and it quickly becomes less fun for everybody involved. If these players know how to put a lid on their temper, they might enjoy some intense poker tournaments. Whether that is not the case, perhaps games based on skill and personal interactions with other gamblers or even a dealer are best advised to keep safe distance from.
However, there is another trait common to all Aries natives and that is the stubbornness. A good place where this might come as a positive feature, instead of a flaw, would be when playing progressive slot machines. Not giving up until the jackpot is won, might just get a player there. Cautiously be advised though to not overpass the budget limit, as that might shift Aries gamblers in an unwanted direction.

Aries lucky days

Tuesday and Saturday favor wins for Aries natives.

Aries lucky numbers

Luck favors the use of the number 9 in most cases, needless to say that its multiples are also successful. So be aware for 18 and 27 as well. Not in the same line of thought, 22 is a lucky roulette bet.

Most suitable casino games for Aries

As stated before, if flares don’t go up, their proverbial stubbornness helps in the long run in poker tournaments or progressive slots. There is a recomadation to try best payout online casinos, there is a significant possibility to win in such casinos.

Aries lucky colors for games

Aries is a zodiac sign tied with the fire element, therefore red surely favors this sign, both for roulette and red or black game.

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Taurus gambling horoscope

Taurus gambling horoscopeThe main trait that this sign has to offer is its lack of interest when it comes to trying anything out of the comfort zone. It might seem that this is not a sign predisposed to gambling. But once started, their conservatism makes them steady players, more interested in predicting results than hitting astounding jackpots. Contrary to the popular belief, the games of roulette and traditional poker can be played in a conservatory manner, allowing constant wins, although not necessarily of the high values sorts.
Also, other games that seem to be of some interest for Taurus natives are baccarat and craps. Mainly any game that offers the possibility of even betting, just to allow these gamblers to bet while staying on the safe side of things. Fighting off the same conservative trait, it’s very rare that you see a Taurus playing on more games at once. They usually turn their entire focus on the game at hand, putting all their energy into not losing the current round.

Taurus lucky days

They stick to days like Wednesday or Thursday for success.

Taurus lucky numbers

The numbers that stick at roulette are 6 and 15, with 6 being a common number for craps, as well. Any combination of numbers that can ultimately be reduced to 6 should favor wins.

Most suitable casino games for Taurus

The classic approach works better than new trends, having the option to play them even-steven: roulette, craps or classic poker.

Taurus lucky colors for games

Green is the preferred color for Taurus, opposed to red, meaning that when it comes down to the two regular choices, they should probably go for black.

Best online casino for Taurus

Check out the best choice for trying Taurus gambling luck today:

Gemini gambling horoscope

Gemini gambling horoscopeThere is a consensus when it comes to the specific gambler type these natives represent. They are those players full of life, continuously active, which manage to gather around themselves a noisy, lively crowd, due to the fact that they thrive in the spotlight. If a crowd would be cheering for a couple minutes straight for every line on a bingo card, then surely bingo would be a favorite game. As it’s not the case, most Gemini are most likely to be found around the craps tables. The fact that there is an opportunity to bet on the shooter and if he wins, everybody bursts in common cheers, makes this game even more enticing for the Gemini native to want to take part of.
The main feature any game needs to have in order to become attractive for these gamblers is to be able to keep their minds busy at all times. Many games of skill are preferred, with those taking part in a fast pace, being at the top of the list.

Gemini lucky days

Wednesday and Sunday, the days usually used for resting by less active signs.

Gemini lucky numbers

No surprise that this sign has a pair of lucky numbers, namely 3 and 5, with a clear focus on 15 for craps and roulette. Also, if 35 is the sum of the cards in the hand, go for a raise, even an all-in and try Gemini gambling luck today.

Most suitable casino games for Gemini

As stated before, all arguments point to the game of craps or a very animated roulette table.

Gemini lucky colors for games

Being an air sign, favorite color is yellow or any other bright option. Not a fan of the dark shades, so choosing black is unadvised.

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Gambling horoscope Cancer

Gambling horoscope CancerThe indecision of this sign and the fact that it absolutely hates large crowds, to the point of being almost introvert, makes it hard for Cancer natives to get along with the crowds and the noise in most casinos. However, once they find the peace and quiet they require, they prove to be worthy opponents. But meeting these requirements are a tad difficult in a large, overly populated casino. Perhaps, a quiet blackjack or poker table, in a private room. Also, joining one of the best online casinos Canada out there can give these natives an extra boost, offering the peace and comfort of their own home or any other private location of their preference.
It’s a clear thing that the thrill of craps, noisy poker tournaments or flashy never-ending rows of slot machines is not a good choice for them. Preferring to have the luxury of staying at home and mulling things over before actually deciding something, it might be a good option to go for sports betting, where one can make thorough research on the players and the teams involved.

Cancer lucky days

The quiet and relaxed Saturdays and Sundays are those when Cancer feels most at large with himself.

Cancer lucky numbers

This zodiac sign feels most at home with 2 for most games, with a 22 variation for roulette spins.

Most suitable casino games for Cancer

All those that don’t create a fret around them, a peaceful bingo game, or any casino-style game, as long as it can be played online.

Cancer lucky colors for games

Cancer prefers bright nuances, red being among the sign’s favorites.

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Leo gambling horoscope

Leo gambling horoscopeThere is no other sign with a greater opinion of themselves, one that puts more passion into everything it does, gambling counting itself among those activities that flare them up. They are risk takers, making them casino games operators’ favorites, at least until they clear out a huge jackpot. Their predisposition towards always trying the latest novelties and often plunging for the riskiest business there is make them the perfect choice for any new idea of a casino game, such as progressive slot machines, virtual casinos and whatever comes up next.
Also, having the chance to match their strengths with any opponent, face-to-face, makes tournaments, of mobile real money poker most likely, a well-desired challenge. However, if when on a winning roll there aren’t many that can equal their ego, to the point of becoming quite obnoxious, they aren’t much of an elegant loser. Defeat is hard to accept and this, combined with the recklessness they usually prove, might make them continue playing even though on a losing streak, just because their ego can’t accept they’ve been bested. This can lead to disastrous situations and loses of huge amounts of money.

Leo lucky days

They start the week with an energetic Monday and start the weekend with the same passion on Saturday.

Leo lucky numbers

The lucky numbers, without question, for Leo, are the prime numbers, mostly 11, both for craps, or roulette. Also, they don’t fear betting on 13, with 17 also an option.

Most suitable casino games for Leo

They enjoy dominating the tables at poker tournaments, as well as they like to prove themselves better than the machines in high-values jackpots slots.

Leo lucky colors for games

Leo’s colors must shine as hard as possible, with bright yellow being the greatest. As a result, they have a clear predilection towards choosing red, whenever a choice is due.

Best online casino for Leo

Try Leo gambling luck today at the best casino online.

Virgo gambling horoscope

Virgo gambling horoscopeThis sign is defined by the word “strategy”. Calculated risks are the most that anyone is going to get out of a native of this sign. They go through various scenarios over and over again, sometimes to the exasperation of others involved. For instance, you can tell a Virgo sits at a poker table when it takes forever to decide upon the next move. You’ll never know a Virgo to go bankrupt as a result of gambling on an impulse. They know precisely the moment their budget can’t handle any more risks and stop without further hesitations.
The Virgo players are generally disliked by the rest of the casino gamblers, on account of the threat they pose, never falling into the trap that emotions generate. These gamblers are usually found around the blackjack tables, where a rational strategy can bring constant wins. Also, they are known to be tough poker players, basing their game more on skills than on lucky hands.

Virgo lucky days

During Wednesdays and Saturdays they make energies work in their favor.

Virgo lucky numbers

As opposed to Leo, they resent prime numbers, the lucky numbers have to be the result of a calculus. Therefore, 12 and 24 are the most often used in roulette, with 8 the preferred option for craps.

Most suitable casino games for Virgo

As we’ve exemplified before, live blackjack is top of the list, alongside poker, but also baccarat, or even roulette allow them to strategize.

Virgo lucky colors for games

The Virgo natives have the feeling that whenever there is a choice between two colors, say red and black, they can discover a certain pattern to help them choose. This is clearly not the case and although they try to equally alternate the choices, a favoring of black might be a tad luckier.

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Libra gambling horoscope

Libra gambling horoscopeAs in all life aspects, Libra’s gambling habits are completely unbalanced. They make really tough to read poker players, but this is only on the account of the fact that they can’t stick to a single strategy for too long. They often become self-doubting, always double-guessing their choices, permanently restless and always searching for a clearer decision. They also greatly vary the amounts of money they are willing to bet, going through extremes, sometimes as often as in consecutive hands.
Another aspect generally acknowledged about Libra natives is their propensity for the artistic side of life. On that note, the modern age we find ourselves in, has some interesting solutions to attract players of this zodiacal sign. They could easily find themselves immersed in the stories presented by trending slot machines, the 5-reels having the most symbols to work with, or the ones with 3 D effects, which might be more on their liking.

Libra lucky days

Thursday and Friday is when luck shines on Libra natives the most.

Libra lucky numbers

Libra seems to have an affinity for the number 6, meaning all other numbers that end with 6 have the same power over these natives. So, using 16, 26 or 36 for roulette is a move filled with lucky chances. Also, when all the cards in a hand sum up to one of the above mentioned numbers, Lady Luck says to raise the stakes.

Most suitable casino games for Libra

The new and flashy slot machines, with awesome visual effects, are right up Libra’s alley.

Libra lucky colors for games

The color which helps Libra natives focus on channeling their energies into positive outcomes is blue. It’s clear that the darker shades help, so when it comes to choosing, they need to go with black.

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Scorpio gambling horoscope

Scorpio gambling horoscopeThere isn’t a zodiacal sign that makes decision-making look so simple. The main trait of Scorpio is that after a decision has been made, there is no extra room for doubt and it stands alongside it to the end. The shortage of this is that the same course of action is taken whether the decision turns out to be good or bad. However, relating this with the gambling domain, never second-guessing themselves gives the impression of having power and more information than the others. It’s a great show to watch players around a poker table see through a Scorpio’s bluff.
The same power to see a plan through, regardless of the disruptive elements that might come along, which would normally influence any other players, makes them remarkable players of slot machines, with a clear target on the progressive, long-run games. Also, if there is a player that has the constancy to play the lottery, until finally a win arrives, that player is born under the Scorpio sign.

Scorpio lucky days

Monday and Sunday are the luckiest days of the week for those in Scorpio.

Scorpio lucky numbers

The numbers more likely to shine luck on Scorpio are 1 and 4. Natives should be constantly looking out for 41 as a lucky combination, while 1, 4 and 14 are golden for roulette spins.

Most suitable casino games for Scorpio

Any game which require patience and calm in the face of potential loses, which can indeed translate to almost any casino game, but with a predilection for live poker.

Scorpio lucky colors for games

Scorpio is an Earth sign, according to the elements’ horoscope, meaning it favors black as a color, be it roulette, cards, or slot machines bonus games.

Best online casino for Scorpio

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Gambling horoscope Sagittarius

Gambling horoscope SagittariusSagittarius are known to deflect how they really feel, always trying to hide it from others, as well as from themselves. They go through losing streaks with a smile on their face as if everything is all right and only manage to bury themselves deeper. They are most known for becoming gambling addicts, based on their belief that remaining optimist, luck is going to finally turn for them.
In matters of other Sagittarius traits that reflect on their gambling abilities, they are always attracted to the shiny, new things and experiences, although their interest fades after a rather short period of time. This means that they feel right at home in a loud, colorful casino, where they have many gaming options to go through. Don’t make them sit still at a table for long, though, so tournaments are not an option. They could excel at placing multiple bets, eventually at different typed of games, at the same time. Their excitement might string along some of those positive energies that luck is fond of.

Sagittarius lucky days

Tuesdays and Fridays make the best days for gambling, for this sign.

Sagittarius lucky numbers

This zodiacal sign is peculiar when it comes to lucky numbers, having 1, 16 and 19 to count on. Not that many options for the craps game, but when it comes to roulette spins, these do the trick.

Most suitable casino games for Sagittarius

The most appropriate games in this case would be those that don’t allow for huge loses: bingo games, or small amounts bets for slot machines.

Sagittarius lucky colors for games

The favorite color is deep blue, meaning that whenever a Sagittarius needs to choose, black is the first to pop in mind.

Best online casino for Sagittarius to try Sagittarius gambling luck today

Capricorn gambling horoscope

Capricorn gambling horoscopeWord of the day for Capricorns is discipline. As a matter of fact, they’re so disciplined that it’s a rare occasion that you get to see one in a real casino. Perhaps, gambling would completely be out of their sphere of interest, were they not also very ambitious. If their plan includes getting rich by betting real money and winning, it might just be the case that they are going to do just that. They always know their skills’ limits, the amount they need to achieve their purpose and the budget restraints they auto-impose. And nothing makes them go not even a step further than these limits allow it.
Most of the games they attend to are those with a component based on skills to a certain degree. They thrive at baccarat, the game needing discipline at every hand dealt. Also, blackjack is surely to be found on the list of enjoyable games. Poker is also a good match, but only the video poker option, where there is no human component involved. A thing Capricorns are utterly uncomfortable with is not being able to predict a behavior, meaning the bluffs during live poker matches take this game off the table.

Capricorn lucky days

They feel the luck smile on them on Thursdays and Sundays.

Capricorn lucky numbers

Any combination of 6 and 8 brings luck to their gambling table. So add them up, divide, multiply or simply put them one next to the other and all is good.

Most suitable casino games for Capricorn

As mentioned, definitely baccarat and blackjack will be great to try Capricorn gambling luck today

Capricorn lucky colors for games

Black is the main favorite color of Capricorn, so little doubt lies here on what would be the right one to choose.

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Aquarius gambling horoscope

Aquarius gambling horoscopeAquarius seems to be the zodiacal sign that best fits the profile of a successful gambler. Its main trait is volatility, meant as the ability to change tactics as it goes along. Seeing how easily these natives can adapt and the swiftness of decisions, they make for the most successful gamblers. Luck is known to run in this particular sign, as a common feature, in many aspects of their lives. Unlike the volatility found in the case of Libra natives, Aquarius always has a logical reason behind the shifts in strategy and knows how to use the element of surprise to receive maximum gains.
Needless to say that live poker, long-terms tournaments especially, are right up the Aquarius alley. Going from bluff to raise, they rapidly confuse opponents making their game really hard to read, while always holding the upper hand, on account of not knowing what the next move will be on their part. They might also be suited for any other high amounts jackpots, especially those gathered after long-term plays like slot machines, progressive ones in particular.

Aquarius lucky days

Tuesday feels right for gambling and Saturday is full of luck, as well. So check out the calandar, mayde it is time to try Aquarius gambling luck today.

Aquarius lucky numbers

Having this ability to easily swipe the strategy, this sign is not fond of any particular numbers, not wanting to have its plan a prisoner of certain digits. However, 3 and 7 hold the most power over Aquarius, with a special nod to 7 at the craps table and at slot machines. 21 is a solid lucky choice for roulette betting, besides the target to reach at blackjack.

Most suitable casino games for Aquarius

Live poker, Aquarius flourishes when having numerous adversaries, each with a different tactic.

Aquarius lucky colors for games

As any water sign, Aquarius feels more comfortable surrounded by deeper blue, or even black.

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Pisces gambling horoscope

Pisces gambling horoscopeThe zodiacal sign most affected by emotions, is not a good fit for most gambling rooms. First off, emotional-based decisions may easily lead to taking unjustifiable high risks. Sometimes, even for the possibility of a small win, just to see how it feels to win. In a crowd full of cold-blooded gamblers Pisces are bad news for themselves, as much as they are easy prey for the others. Any game based on skill is to be avoided by natives of this sign, the pressure often being too great to take and making them fall down the slippery slope of assuming more risks and getting more hits in the budget.
However, seeing how they are highly imaginative, they might get along just fine with the roulette tables and the slot machines. Especially seeing the latest trends in slot machines, with extra video effects and stories intertwined with the actual betting game. It might just become an entertaining leisure time, rather than a stressful encounter.

Pisces lucky days

Their luck is at full potential on Mondays and Thursdays.

Pisces lucky numbers

Pisces also has a full platter of numbers to choose from: 5, 9 and 19 being the most commonly known to bring luck to one of their gambles. Especially 9 with the dices and the roulette’s spin of the ball.

Most suitable casino games for Pisces

Slot machines, where they can enjoy the graphics and the stories of the games, which might just make them relaxed enough to take some good decisions game-related and win some money. If you are ready to play some slots let’s try Pisces gambling luck today!

Pisces lucky colors for games

Ruby seems to spark the luck for Pisces, when it comes to colors. This just gets to show that red is the luckiest choice available in any scenario for the Pisces natives.

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Having a definite strategy for winning is a must in every game, even more so when it comes to gambling for real money. Basing some decisions on the readings of a lucky horoscope is one of the things that can make the difference, at least according to the Chinese culture. Astrology can offer some valuable pointers on the games to be played, the colors to choose, the horoscope lucky numbers to be aware of and the days that favor a win. So, carefully check the gambling horoscope for today and if the stars are aligned, give fortune a chance.

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