How to attract luck in gambling – facts that remain relevant in 2022

attract luck in casino

Regardless if we’re talking about a game of skill or about a game of chance, players will always consider a big part of the outcome is related to hazard. So, they’ll try to find ways on how to attract luck to their side, instead of the opponents. This situation is far more visible when entering a casino, seeing how wagering enthusiasts have, without exceptions, more than one lucky charm for gambling, or custom in the hope they’ll bend the will of the Gods in their favor.

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Fact is that the larger it becomes, the ratio between wins and losses, lucky charms tend to evolve from a fun, somewhat magical, but still silly, custom, into a serious predictor of an outcome’s certainty.
One of the gamblers’ paradoxes is forgetting that whenever you play a certain game, the odds of winning are the same, being established by machines and mathematical probabilities, not by forces, spirits or positive energies.
However, if allowing these traditions and objects, is bound to put you in a good spirit and enjoy yourself, perhaps the Gods will indeed smile on you. But, turning these superstitions into something more than they actually are, might do nothing more than ruining a fun pastime activity.

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🎰 Year 2022 for online gamblers in Canada

Someone believes that this year brings good luck, however someone fears that any serious decision made at this time may have negative consequences in the nearest future. What would 2022 bring to gamblers? Do players have a new tips on how to get lucky in casino?

Is it a good idea to make high deposits in real money online casinos during a 2022?

Undoubtedly, in 2022, a gambler can make both low deposits and deposit large amounts of money in any kinds of online casinos. By the way, this year astrologers do not recommend to deposit sum of money equal to round number, or those that are divisible by 4. Therefore, an excellent solution would be the low deposits of $ 1, $ 2 or $ 3. Instead of the already familiar minimum bets in casinos of $ 10, $ 20 or $ 100, we would recommend placing, for example, $ 11, $ 22 or $ 111. Keep in mind, that a deposit with the repetition of two or more identical digits is considered lucky in any day, season or year.

Can I play online casino games in  2022?

Remember, that a year with 366 days is dedicated to mysticism and rituals. The most successful casino games for you would be those that rely on luck – any types of real money games of chance. On a 2022, we recommend you to try your luck in online slots, mobile poker or roulette. According to astrologers, in roulette, the red zones and even numbers would be especially successful in the 2022. In slots, the most successful would be 7 reel machines with wild symbols.

Can I play in an online casino on February 29?

This is one of the most successful days in the leap year for gamblers! According to legend, if you deposit $366 on February the 29th, at exactly 10:10 GMT, then by June 21 (the day of the summer solstice) the probability of winning the jackpot would be increased by 47%!

🍀 The best lucky charms for gambling

Good luck charms are those objects, animals or symbols that are most often related to favorable situations or blessed events, and carrying one of them surely brings wealth and happy times upon the possessor. Some of the popular charms are:

  • Four-leaf clovers
  • Horseshoes
  • Dices
  • Ladybugs
  • The number seven for most westerners
  • The number eight for Asian people
  • Rabbit’s foot
  • Rainbows
  • Coins found on the floor
  • Dreamcatchers
  • Evil eyes
  • Acorns

The list is longer than one might think and many depend on a specific culture, with different background stories, as for example, the pigs in Germany, swallows in Korea or scarab beetles in Egypt. This phenomenon created an entire industry, seeing how there are many stores where one can buy the best lucky charm for money, with these establishments making a good profit out of the superstitious nature of their customers.

🌈 Gambling luck rituals

For some, gambling lucky charms became only half of what it takes to play and become successful for sure. They have to recreate the whole action that led to the last big hit, in order to ensure that another similar jackpot is won. Sometimes, it goes all the way to precisely repeating the whole day prior to walking into a casino. And this is how gambling rituals are made.
Wearing the same set of clothes, eating the same type of meal, ordering the same drink from the bar, standing in the same seat or in the same manner as last time, are the behaviors most often encountered. And the same pattern can be found at those who play for real money online, as well.
Any wagering establishment has those players, quirky in their habits, trying to turn the odds in their favor, by knocking three times before the throw of the dice, shouting at the roulette’s ball, dealing cards only with their right hand, or sitting in an awkward position at the betting table. However useless they all seem, you can’t really argue with a man’s beliefs, no matter how superstitious they might be.

🎲 Casino superstitions for real money players

The gambling superstitions in a casino are more about how to avoid anything that brings mischance upon gamblers and less about how to get lucky at the casino. Here are some general rules that fall into this category:

  1. Entering the establishment through the back door
  2. Don’t leave your seat when on a good streak
  3. Never turn your look aside from the game when winning
  4. Don’t spin in your chair at the betting table
  5. Never wash your hands before or while you play
  6. Never touch another gambler’s shoulder

The Chinese have many more similar beliefs, as we’ll see next, but setting foot in a casino anywhere around the world exposes you to direct risk of crossing someone’s wacky beliefs and becoming the main reason of someone’s bad luck.

🏅 Chinese gambling superstitions

This culture is oriented towards believing in the interference of the spiritual in the way fortune shows itself or not to the players. There are numerous Chinese gambling superstitions and here are some of the most widely known ones:

  • Some beliefs appeared because of the way words sound alike and are associated through this with a mischance. For instance, there should be no mentioning of books, seeing how the word is similar to the word for “lose”.
  • The numbers are also important. Chinese believe that the number four brings bad luck, perhaps because of the way it’s spelled as “to die”. You’ll find that all around China this number seldom exists, in street numbers, phone numbers or any other commonplace usage.
  • Colors also have increased importance. Having clothes in the color red symbolizes joy, and while preparing to go towards a casino, it’s close to mandatory to be wearing red underwear.
  • The Feng Shui in casino is a really big deal. The accumulation of energy in different places, around tables or machines, could mean the difference between winning vast wealth or becoming really poor.

🥇 Western superstitions on how to be lucky in gambling

Although nobody is as superstitious as Asians, the rest of the world has its own weird rules when talking about casino enthusiasts, although these lucky charms casino games are less immersed in the spiritual world and more associated with the capitalist stage.
For example:

  • When playing for cash, no 50 dollars bill is allowed, a custom which originates in the fact that the American mob’s victims always had such a bill placed upon them
  • Players being accompanied to the gaming table by a beautiful lady is bound to bring good times, as seen in all the Bond movies. Also, a lady to blow on the dice before throwing them has the same effect.
  • Another issue is crossing legs, crossing fingers, meaning crossing out the luck
  • Also, colors play a big part. Every bingo parlor is filled with a variety of hair-dyed gamblers. Also, before every spin of the roulette, it’s accustomed to yelling out the color that one has bet on.

⚡ Gambling omens

Gamblers believe that the way a wager is going to turn out can be predicted before even placing it, through various readings of signs, thought to be gambling omens. The fact that many of these signs become explicit and obvious only after the result of the bet, it’s a part of all superstitions that they choose to ignore.
However, there are some symbols that need to be avoided in order to avert the risk of losing, such as:

  • A famous example is one of the casinos whose entrance was through the mouth of a giant lion. Needless to say that the façade had to be restored for people to come in and play.
  • Every respectable Chinese goes to find out what the future brings by checking out the horoscope. The stars might say that some unexpected winnings come along your way and that’s just the time to gamble.
  • Rooted in the same ancient belief, fortune-tellers might influence the moment one decides to put some money to work for creating unbelievable wealth.

🔸 Lucky talismans for gambling

These aren’t necessarily objects that come from a popular general belief with an ancient legend behind them, but rather personal belongings that have a strong personal background story. So, the most powerful amulet for gambling for one person might just be completely meaningless to another.
Thinking that good fortune is caught prisoner inside a specific object comes from people’s need to rationalize extraordinary happenings and always finding an explanation. Therefore, the time someone hit a life-changing jackpot, although it played the same game for thousands of times before, is due to the particular item wore different this time around, an item that becomes automatically empowered as one that brings luck.

💎 Gambling prayers to win

In the same line of thought on how to get lucky, we find many gamblers that turn to deities for an extra boost of luck. They resort to a gambling prayer to win, not unlike any other sportsman out there. Whether this brings the desired outcome or not, it is their own beliefs system that needs to judge that.
In any wagering establishment where Chinese are to be found, you might hear plenty of shouting in the form of “Ding”, this being the shortest prayer to tip faith’s balance in their favor.
The Chinese also play on the good side of the Gods, with homage being brought the day before heading into a casino or any other betting endeavor.

✔️ Conclusion

Human’s permanent need for control makes it hard for most to be at peace with the fact that the odds are objectively set, being the same for everybody, mostly determined by machines, or at least through the theory of probabilities.
More so, when real money is involved, most normal human beings go out of the rational part of their brain, and that is how the concept of luck came to life.
In order to attract good luck on their side, a number of crazy looking rituals have been developed throughout history, or magical properties have been attached to ordinary objects or beings. And however misplaced they might seem in our day-to-day life, they definitely bring some charm and delight to any casino in the world.

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