How to delete a Zodiac Casino account

How to delete a Zodiac Casino account

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September 7th, 2023
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Zodiac Casino Delete Account
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Zodiac Casino Delete Account
80 Free Spins for just $1
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    Zodiac Casino: Essentials

    But before, please, check our comprehensive review of Zodiac online Casino.

    Believe it, thousands of gamblers in Canada switch from one gambling domain to another. But what should players do when it comes to the decision of deleting a personal account in the Zodiac Casino? As follows, we will surely help you by guiding you throughout the process of deactivating, closing, and deleting everything related to the Zodiac Casino.

    If you were long wondering what exactly you need to do in order to delete your personal account in the Zodiac Casino in Canada, now itโ€™s the right time to review all the needed actions. Much because of the troublesome context of deactivating the personal account in a wide range of online gambling websites, thousands of players are justifiably worried about the closure of the personal gambling profile and its potential nuances.

    Once you realize that gameplay is no more fun and exciting as it was before, it might be a decent option to delete Zodiac Casino account at any moment. Stay tuned!

    Zodiac Casino

    How to close Zodiac casino account: Overview

    close Zodiac casino accountFrom now on, gamblers in Canada should be aware that the closure of a personal account is something that can be handled easily without too much hassle. From what is stated in the terms and conditions section of the Zodiac Casino, any account can be closed by contacting the Support Centre.

    During our manual test of this gambling website, our recension team found out that the โ€œSettingsโ€ section lacks a notion regarding the personalized closure of a personal account. As far as you have probably understood, the easiest (and the only) way to deactivate all your gameplay options in the Zodiac Casino is to contact the Customer Support Representatives via email.

    Exclusively for you, we decided to test how the Zodiac Casino close account system work just by requesting closure of one of our test accounts. From what we found out in the middle of this process, it can take less than a business day to fully deactivate your presence in the Zodiac Casino, which sounds fair for players in Canada, who, for some reason, wish to stop gambling with Zodiac. In that case, your only option is to contact the Support Centre, which will surely satisfy your request in the shortest time possible.

    How to uninstall Zodiac Casino application

    Another step that might be needed for players in Canada who are willing to stop gambling is to uninstall Zodiac Casino application from either a PC or mobile device. If you were long up into removing a client of this gambling domain from your gadgets, it might be just the right time to do so, especially if you really need that disk space for something else. In that case, be sure to delete the app of the Zodiac Casino from both your mobile gadget and PC to surely forget about it.

    How do I delete my Zodiac Casino account: Mobile phone

    delete zodiac account mobilePlayers in Canada are granted with a mobile application of the Zodiac Casino that is available on both Android and iOS operating systems. In the case of Android, gamblers have to move an icon of the application to the top bar with a bin, which will delete an app from a mobile device. The same can be done just by visiting a Play Market, which has the option of removing an application in just a few clicks.

    The users of iOS can get rid of the Zodiac Casino app by tapping and holding the icon until a pop-up menu appears, accompanied by pressing the X button on the app. Zodiac Casino delete process takes just a few clicks on your mobile phone, regardless of whether you use a phone powered on the Android or iOS.

    Zodiac Casino remove: PC version

    delete zodiac account PCIt isnโ€™t a big of a secret to tell that the Zodiac Casino has a flawlessly working PC client, which, in some sense, can even be characterized as the industry standard. Players in Canada can still get rid of it without any problems.

    The users of macOS should pay a visit to the Applications folder, alongside moving the app to Bin, which will erase it completely from the operating system.

    The users of Windows can either use an official Uninstaller or select the Apps & Features panel where the official application of the Zodiac Casino can be deleted. Without too much hassle, the desktop client of this gambling domain will be no more on your laptop or PC.

    Zodiac Casino delete account alternatives

    For some gamblers in Canada, the decision of closing or deleting a personal account in the Zodiac Casino isnโ€™t valid. For those looking for some other alternatives to getting away from this online gambling website, our review team recommends two ways, such as the configuration of the email subscription and self-excluding scheme.

    How to delete your Zodiac Casino account mess in the Inbox: Change your email configuration!

    Zodiac Casino account InboxThousands of gamblers subscribe to the newsletters of the online gambling platforms in order to get fresh updates regarding the released promotions, deals, and bonuses. It doesnโ€™t really matter whether you are willing to stop playing in the Zodiac Casino or not, unsubscribing from a newsletter can be a good idea to keep your Inbox clean. Tired of receiving tons of emails regularly? Instead of finding a way about how to delete a Zodiac Casino account, just try removing constant reminders from this gambling hub once and forever.

    Close Zodiac Casino account: Is it really an option?

    Once we received an email from one of our readers with the question โ€œHow to delete my Zodiac Casino account since I cannot control my gambling anymore,โ€ we realized that simply deleting an account may not be enough.

    For controlling problematic gambling behavior, a better option for players in Canada is to take part in any self-exclusion scheme. By doing so, you will not lose any loyalty points or real cash of your bankroll, at the same time, taking a needed break from obsessive gambling sessions.

    Zodiac Casino similar sites

    Zodiac Casino similar sitesIn the ongoing competition between thousands of gambling websites, a decision to choose a website that is similar to the Zodiac Casino can be justified. Keeping in mind the fact that this gambling website is part of the infamous Casino Rewards Group, which unites tons of credible online gambling platforms under a single banner, you can easily choose an alternative website.

    In the list of the most popular Zodiac Casino sister sites, gamblers in Canada often choose:

    • Yukon Gold
    • Grand Mondial
    • Lucky Emperor
    • Quatro Casino

    They have almost the same features as the ones represented in the Zodiac Casino, alongside having the same portfolio of presented games and bonuses.

    Another good point here in choosing a sister site is that you will have a similar gameplay experience, which is just fabulous for those who enjoyed their gambling in the Zodiac Casino. If you wish to find more alternatives and sister sites, just donโ€™t forget to review the list of the online gambling websites presented on the main page of the Casino Rewards Group. We can only wish you the best of luck in terms of choosing the most preferred platform from all the possible sister sites of the reviewed website.

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    ๐Ÿ“ฒ How do I delete Zodiac casino account from mobile?

    The process is quite easy. You can simply choose a "delete" option in Play Market or directly from the phone work screen.

    ๐Ÿค” What are alternatives for Zodiac casino?

    There are a lot of online casinos that may be consedered as Zodiac casino alternatives. You may pay attention at Yukon Gold casino or Grand Mondial.

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