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Editorial Principles

When it comes to content on the internet, quality is everything. Here at Casinos Approved, we understand and respect this statement. Everything your eyes see on our website goes through a series of quality checks by our experts.

We’ve created this page as a portal for our readers to take a peek behind the scenes. This is our editorial principles page and these are pillars of our services to you. We’ll outline the things we care about the most and how this benefits our readers, as in you.

It’s crucial for every business to have clearly defined and updated editorial principles. They ensure consistency across all content channels and ensure the writers are following the same set of rules for everything they post. As our reader, you should be aware of our principles too.

Commitment to Integrity

We’ve been taught that honesty is always the best policy. We believe it in our hearts. This is why we’re not willing to compromise our integrity for anything in the world. As we deal with a vulnerable industry like online gambling, integrity in our operations is even more important.

When we say “integrity”, we mean the accuracy and fairness of the content we publish. If it’s an online casino review, know it’s as unbiased as possible. You’ll find proof of how well it works if it’s a strategy guide.

The bottom line is every piece of content published on Casinos Approved is backed by facts you can cross-check.

But let’s be honest. We’re all humans, and humans are liable to error. It’s possible that factually incorrect information falls through the cracks on our website. That’s where you, as our readers, come into play. Be sure to let us know where we went wrong, and we’ll promptly fix the issue.

On top of everything, our in-house editorial team is constantly checking the published content. They rectify any errors that make it through the initial quality check (QC) immediately.

Accuracy and Fact-Checking

The only constant in the iGaming industry is change. The legislation is changing. The games are evolving. The bonuses are getting better. Or, worse. Whatever the case is, it’s our duty to comply. We take pride in the accuracy of the content we publish.

It all starts with our excellent team of writers. They spend a lot of time finding the right information for the right post. For instance, all data for a casino review is collected solely from the casino website. They reach out to customer support to gather data that is not available on the website.

But it doesn’t end there. After submission, every piece of content is cross-checked by industry experts. Any outdated or factual errors are sorted by them before you can read them.

One of the main reasons we created this platform is the amount of inaccurate information we see daily. We know you don’t have the time to double-check everything. That’s why we do it on your behalf.

Fairness and Impartiality

Fairness gets the highest priority when we evaluate gambling brands online. Whether it’s a billion-dollar conglomerate or a small casino barely scraping by, it doesn’t matter. You’ll only get to see our genuine interest in the features offered by the business.

One of the most important elements of our evaluation procedure is player reviews. We spend most of our time browsing through iGaming forums where players share their experiences. If we see proof of fraudulent behaviour from any of our partners, we terminate the relationship immediately.


As our reader and well-wisher, you have the right to know what we do and why we do it. We try our best to maintain a transparent channel for communication with our audience. For starters, we mark every affiliate post or sponsored link.

For the most part, we make money when you sign up to one of our partner casinos and deposit. We utilize both revenue share and pay-per-player models through our content. Some casinos on our list also offer a hybrid model that provides us with the best of both worlds.

Anytime our experts think that a piece of content is not transparent, it goes back to the writer with further instructions. For example, if the writer fails to mention the wagering requirements for a casino bonus, it’s not transparent in our standards.

Respect for Readers

Here at Casinos Approved, every one of you is our strength. It doesn’t matter what kind of experience you have in the gambling industry, we welcome you with arms wide open. As long as you’re 18 or older, it doesn’t matter what colour you are, what Canadian region you are from, what religion you believe in, or what your sexual orientation is.

Needless to say, we have the same mentality when it comes to our content. Our writers are word wizards who know how to break down the most complex concepts into plain English. If you’re a newcomer in the iGaming industry, you’ll find easy-to-understand resources to educate yourself. And if you’re already a seasoned player, we have tips for improving your experience.

Responsible Gambling

One of the biggest risks of gambling online is unrestricted access. For example, if you like slot games, you can burn through hundreds of spins within a few minutes. Depending on what your selected bet value is, the total cost can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. That’s where responsible gambling practices come into play.

Every time we promote an online casino or any other gambling service, we ensure that responsible gambling practices are covered. The beauty of anything lies in the balance. We want you to have that.

On our website, you’ll find proper guides on how to gamble responsibly. It starts with educating yourself on what problem gambling is, what are the symptoms, and what you can do to protect yourself.

We want you to know how to use the tools offered by gambling sites. You’ll find separate guides on how to use these tools and avoid falling victim to problem gambling. We also share contact information for external organizations that help struggling players.

Privacy and Security

Online privacy is a major concern these days due to the increased volume of data theft. The good thing about our website is that we barely need any of your data in the first place! And the data we collect are stored securely in our servers, not to be shared with any 3rd party.

If you review our Privacy Policy, you’d know exactly what data we collect on you and what we do with it. For the most part, we collect automated data on your browsing behaviour and preferences. We may provide this data to our affiliates for legitimate business purposes. While you’re at it, be sure to check out our Security Policy to understand how we deal with potential risks.

Updates to Editorial Principles

Nothing in the world of the internet is written in stone. Seasons change, and so can we. And so can our editorial principles. Depending on the latest developments in the iGaming industry as well as our company policy, our in-house gambling experts David Barker, Diana Rose, Alice Johnson, and Mike Sandoval may update the editorial principles.

We’ve also stated how adamant we are when it comes to transparency. So, any time our editorial policies change, you’ll know about it. You can either visit this page from time to time, or we can send you direct messages notifying you about the changes.

Contact Information

Communication is key to great relationships. Be it your relations with your significant other or with us. You’d be glad to know that contacting our website administration is a walk in the park. Feel free to reach out if you have feedback on any of our editorial principles. All you have to do is send us an email at [email protected].

While we can’t guarantee that we’ll comply with your request or complaint, we’ll be sure to explain our reasons. Of course, if your suggestions contribute to the betterment of our business model or policies, we’ll be sure to let you know and incorporate them.