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You can’t surprise anyone with online Blackjack games anymore - it’s been almost 20 years that the players in Canada and throughout the world that the gambling moved out the walls of brick and mortar casinos. However, when we’re talking about playing at CA live Blackjack casino, it’s not about a digital rendering of the Blackjack table and the ‘Draw’ button on the screen, no. What is it then?

Canadian Online Casinos  to Play Live Blackjack

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Short Blackjack history

Blackjack is one of the oldest card games that exist, and it has quite an intricate history of origin covered in mystery. Its first mentioning was found in the Spanish Baroque literary work of Miguel de Servantes “Don Quixote” where the men played a game they called “veintiuno”, twenty-one in Spanish. It had to do with collecting 21 faster than the opponent. Later, around 1760 the French described salon entertainment with the people played Vingt-et-Un, also 21 in French. Wonder how did the name Blackjack step in?

Blackjack historyIt’s originated from the name of a bonus that the Americans introduced to the conventional game in order to heat up the players’ interest to the game in the gambling houses. When the gambler had an Ace of Spades and a Jack of the black suit (clubs or spades), then the house paid 10 times of wagering amount. Even though such generosity from the casino has faded away, the name remained. How is it played now?

You can still go to any legit landbased casino and sit at the Blackjack table around other players and enjoy the process. Or, if Vegas is a way too far, you can go online and dive into the virtual realm of the game with online Blackjack live dealers that keeps the human side of gambling face-up.

Why Canadian choose online live blackjack casinos

As easy as it gets – for the convenience that the online live dealer Blackjack casinos offer. No more messing with the cash, chips, and commuting – what happens in the virtual room either stays there or goes into your banking account. Moreover, live dealers can be super fun and sound more human-oriented than those who usually work in a land-based casino. Plus, and this is no less important, you are listening to the music you want, not the hum and buzz created by the tourists in any Las Vegas casino. So, want to play live?

Canadian online live blackjack casinos

How to Play Live Blackjack in Canada

Playing online blackjack live in Canada is the same as playing it outside Canada. Meaning: the location matters only with regard to the legality of online gambling. Since there is no restriction in the land of beer, maple syrup, and hockey, you can access live casino entertainment by following these easy steps:

  1. Find the provider with a live dealer Blackjack Canada. Now here’s the thing: online Blackjack games are not the same as live dealer Blackjack online games. When you play blackjack live dealers, you interact with a live croupier whose actions on the table are video translated in real-time. This video illustrates the example of the live dealer session. You can do the research on your own and spend a lot of time reading reviews, or you can go the smart way and pick-and-choose from CasinosApproved review list of best online live blackjack Canada providers to get around the search and jump straight into the game. N.B. Compare their Welcome bonuses and free bet options of various Blackjack live casinos to stay with the best.
  2. Create an account. There are some casinos that provide no account gambling, but if one wants to unlock the welcome bonus package from the live dealer blackjack online website, one has to sign up and include the requested details (usually that’s legal name, DoB, address, and banking information. N.B.: if you want to play real money casinos, you have to send the scan copy of photo ID, proof of address, and banking details).
  3. Select deposit/withdrawing methods. You can change them in the future but choose ones that work for you best in terms of speed and fees. Make sure you opt for CAD (Canadian dollar) currency (this info is available at the online blackjack website in the “Banking” section).
  4. Choose the game. Live Blackjack Canada websites offer many variations of the game: low or high rollers, Spanish 21, Single or Double exposure, Switch or other. We will cover that further.
  5. Enjoy the bet. After you pressed Select at the game of your choice, you can start placing bets and play live blackjack. Pro tip: some live dealers are very responsive to the gambler’s chat messages, so if you are lucky to have a dealer with the soul of an entertainer – congrats! You’ve got a precious wild card as a bonus.

live online blackjack canada

Live Blackjack Rules and Strategies

Depends on the variation you’ve selected, the strategies and rules can vary. The main rule, however, remains the same: get 21 faster than anyone else, don’t exceed 21, get a higher score than the dealer. Want to know the basic strategy applicable to any live dealer Blackjack game? Read below!

  1. Split aces and 8s, don’t do that to 5 and 10.
  2. If you have hard 10 – always double down if the dealer doesn’t have ace or 10. When got hard 11 – double down in case the dealer doesn’t have an ace.
  3. Eleven or less – hit hard, Seventeen or less – hit soft. On hard 17 – stand hard, on hard 19 – stand soft.

Live Blackjack Rules and Strategies

Live blackjack bonuses

Live blackjack bonusesThose who play Blackjack with live dealers from Canada expect more than just a game. The industry has spoiled the gamblers so they won’t deal with the online casino if it doesn’t guarantee the welcome bonus pack, deposit bonus or frequent promotions. Each variation of the game offers its own terms and conditions, as well as the bonus value and how to get it. For instance, usually, the welcome bonus package requires Canadian players to deposit a particular amount of money to qualify.

Recommendations for Canadian Players

Best low deposit casinos: 1 dollar deposit, 5 dollar deposit

Brands: Zodiac Casino, Captain Cooks

Best casinos in Canada: Kahnawake, Montreal


📲 Can I play live Blackjack online on my mobile device?

Technically, yes. The modern smartphones and tablets have video plugins built-in, so you don’t have to deal with downloading any additional software. We said “technically” because the only problem that can occur while streaming the live dealer session is the data plan of your mobile provider. Can you imagine that you draw another card, got the natural and...ran out of data. If you were to complain regarding it, chances are your claim won’t be settled in your favor as it was not the casino’s fail.

🤔 Is it drastically different from playing live Blackjack on PC?

The screen of the PC is much bigger than the majority of portable devices which helps in creating the live casino atmosphere and, well, makes you see everything without squinching your eyes.

🔒 Is it safe?

Playing the live dealer Blackjack in an online casino on a smartphone or laptop doesn’t have different safety standards. The Canadian gamblers can request the playback from different angles in case you think the dealer cheat. Also, every financial transaction is equally fraud-protected, so mobile gaming is a safe option as well.

🔎 Does it have less live Blackjack games available mobile?

No. The software providers are aware that if your product is not mobile, it won’t go further than their desktop. All the live dealer Blackjack variations in Canada are available for mobile devices. This is just a matter of convenience where to play them.