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Mike Sandoval’s Bio

Mike SandovalMike Sandoval was born on 10th of February, 1988 in Ontario, Canada. Today he is a world-class editor and copywriter who works for CasinosApproved with one goal – to make the content of the site both visually appealing and meaningful for players. His skills were recognized globally after his early work achieved stellar success, but he had an easy time making a decision to join the CasinosApproved team. His friendship with Diana Rose, who is the owner and founder of the site, led to his easy decision-making, and it turned out to be the best deal both for the brand and for the readers.

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Early Life

Even during his childhood, Mike realized that he had a great passion and eye for creative writing. It quickly became his beloved hobby, and he quickly also proceeded to edit tasks which he also enjoyed doing quite a bit. He studied in Ontario at Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology. His university professors also noticed his talent, and he was quickly encouraged to pursue a career in writing.

Life After Graduation

After graduating, he managed to secure a few job positions working for renowned online magazines, and that’s what gave him the initial insight into how a professional editor’s work should look like. He worked for well-known magazines, and that enabled him to get some accreditation for his written pieces and accumulate much-needed experience. However, he decided it was time to dedicate his skills and put them to good use in the iGaming industry, which he also enjoys being a part of.

Meeting Important Person

That’s why he met with his personal life friend Diana Rose to create CasinosApproved as a joint project with one goal – to give players verified information on legit Canadian online casinos. The two met up to discuss business, and it didn’t take long before they agreed on all the key points and arranged the launch of the brand. His role included applying his creative writing and editing skills to engaging content, but it also enabled him to combine the best of two worlds – his expertise in writing and passion for casino games to give the best to players.

Impressive Creativity Level

His writing style includes attention to detail and using high-end creativity in every bit of information that may be useful to fellow players. He wanted to make the content as engaging as possible without exaggerating it and keeping things simple and easy for players to understand. Of course, this also includes providing only verified and proven information about casino sites, and this led to the creation of some incredible pieces of CasinosApproved, such as those about the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and Live Croupier Casinos.

Always Honest

These pieces reveal his intention of being honest with players and providing only helpful pieces of information while giving players just what they are looking for. The testimonies of his readers speak for themselves when it comes to an understanding of the influence that he has made in the industry and all the educational articles he’s written so far to provide the players with all the right information and help them make well-informed decisions when choosing online casino sites.

Recent Work

His recent work for CasinosApproved also made him a sought-after writer again, but he stays by the brand and its readers with the will to further educate players on the reality of online gambling in Canada. His years of experience working for world-class magazines and journals helped him in the production of top-notch pieces that you can now find on CasinosApproved to get an entertaining take on the current industry without missing out on any of the key pieces of information. He also stands by the standards that he established in his days of working for these world-class magazines, and this helps him maintain the quality of his work through all the written content on CasinosApproved.

Mike’s Determination

Finally, Mike Sandoval’s journey is a statement to all the young players out there, and it can also reflect on the iGaming industry. He stays determined to provide hundreds of well-edited pieces regarding all sorts of iGaming topics to players to help them get a deeper understanding of how the industry works, and we can see that there are many players that are thankful to him for his efforts by their testimonies.