Casino promotions bonus calendar for 2022

Online Casino bonus calendar 2020

Hello there, our dear readers. We all know perfectly well that online gambling enthusiasts in Canada are in love with those promotions, bonus deals, and exclusive no deposit deals offered by the online gambling domains. That’s why we decided to compile a full casino promotions calendar for 2022, which will be frequently updated to keep this article topical throughout the year.

The good news is that we now have some insightful information regarding the casino monthly promotions calendar specifications, which are surely ambitious for the casino bonus lovers. If you were long interested in keeping your eyes upon all these bonuses and promotions, it might be an excellent option for you to visit our page regularly.

From what we are planning to convey, our casino bonus calendar will be continually updating with fresh bonuses for the most famous online gambling sites in Canada. What is more, at the end of each month, we plan to announce a “Casino of the Month” nomination, which is based merely on the generosity and outstanding character of the offered bonuses and promotion. So what are we still waiting here for? Let’s go-ahead to claim all those fabulous bonuses and promotions each month of the long-anticipated 2022!

DECEMBER 2022 Casino Bonuses Calendar

Bonus Code
100% up to $500 + 200 Free Spins
80 Free Spins for just $1
150 FS +1 No Deposit Free Spin
150 Free Spins for only $10
$400 + 120FS
Receive up to $1000 on your first 5 deposits
100% Up To C$166
100% up to €/$ 500 + 140 Free SpinsT & C Apply
Up to $1500 with 5 deposits
150% UP TO CA$200 for $5 Min Deposit
5 bitcoins + 180 FS

Casino promotions January 2022


January 2020 Casino BonusWhat a great time to stay alive, especially after that vibe of the New Year’s Celebration. After reuniting with families, close friends, and acquaintances, thousands of Canadians want to come back to the good old routine. While some individuals are up into coming back to work, others want to extend New Year’s vibe for a little bit longer by visiting preferred online gambling websites.

Solely because of this, the casino no deposit bonus codes January 2022 are one of the most popular searches among the Canadian gamblers. Not only can they be claimed by the newcomers but also to loyal players in numerous online casinos in Canada.

One of the most popular examples is (GAP), which has a long history of offering generous casino bonus codes January 2022 to both newcomers and experienced players. January is generally a good time to either start or maintain your gambling adventure in Canada, thanks to those never-ending free spins, welcome bonuses, and no deposit promotions.

Casino promo codes February 2022


February 2020 Casino BonusFebruary 2022 is going to be just crazy, much because of thousands of entertainment activities available. Canadian citizens are most likely to be fascinated by GamesCon, SuperBowl, and the Academy Awards. What stands out the most in the course of February 2022 is just a fascinating range of bonuses offered by the leading gambling websites in Canada, such as the (GAP).

What we traced during the last year’s February madness is that some online gambling platforms offer a truly unique bonus dedicated to the celebration of Family Day. Be sure to track that no deposit casino bonus February 2022 from time to time since its value is hard to measure with ordinary bonus promotions.

Don’t forget that February is the last month of a gloomy Winter Season, which is often celebrated in the online gambling sites by granting customers warmth via the casino bonus codes February 2022. Be sure to grab one for yourself (and your family)!

Casino promo codes March 2022

March 2020 Casino BonusWhat a wonderful season spring is. March is another fabulous opportunity to gamble with top-notch bonuses and promotions offered by the online casinos in Canada. Even though not all Canadians celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day, almost all the gambling websites are eager to introduce the casino bonus codes March 2022. What’s so special about them?

When it comes to the high season of no deposit offers, free spins bonuses, and reload deposits, March immediately comes to our mind. Not only this month has always been a favorite season for introducing new bonus promotions by (GAP), but it is always a good idea to heat yourself from all those never-ending winter months with some March vibes. Don’t forget to claim the no deposit casino bonus March 2022, which occasionally appears on the websites of (GAP).

Casino bonus codes April 2022

April 2020 Casino BonusBelieve it, Aprils can be insanely busy. It is especially true for those well-rounded life-work balance enthusiasts, who do their best to succeed in both professional and interpersonal endeavors. And what about the celebration of Easter? For a wide range of online casinos, the seasonal promotions for Easter have long become the norms.

That’s why you can easily benefit by using casino promo codes April 2022, which are right here in front of your eyes. From what we remember during the previous years, the (GAP) had the most lucrative Easter deal, which had something for everybody, including the ones who are fond of no deposit promotions, free spins, and increased rate for loyalty points.

All those miracles are truly possible through the course of the Easter celebration; make sure not to miss it! What we can surely tell is that casino no deposit bonus codes April 2022 are literally everywhere during the Easter Sunday, which can be a charming experience for everyone.

Casino promo codes May 2022

May 2020 Casino BonusIt isn’t that big of a secret that people find May somewhat a transitional period. Look, most people have already prepared themselves for those vacations, sunny vibes, and fiestas.

What stands out the most in the case of the online casinos in Canada is that they feel almost the same sensations, but from a slightly different perspective. Instead of relaxing more some more time, online gambling websites, such as (GAP), push their casino bonus codes May 2022, which are resonating with players’ gambling desires.

Since there are no major holidays worth mentioning during May, online gambling websites do their best to compensate it in the form of the no deposit casino bonus May 2022. It can be used to experiment with something new on the website of a recently opened platform or handle that long-demanding transition to another gambling website. To be honest, we do really believe that such a move is great, especially since summer is coming in just a few days.

$900 + 150 FREE Spins
  • Monday Cashback Bonus up to 20%
  • Tuesday 35% Reload Bonus + 100 Free Spins
  • Wednesday 100 Free Spins
  • LUCKY Friday 40%
  • Weekend Cashback up to 20%

Casino bonus codes June 2022

June 2020 Casino BonusJune is a perfect month to either start something new or maintain good-old habits throughout the entire season. Not only is June the month full of vibrant holidays, but it is also a great time frame to make the most use of the promotions. Be sure to check the casino promo codes June 2022 on the following gambling platforms, including: (GAP).

There, you’ll seemingly find the most valuable and lucrative bonuses that are granted as part of the new season’s promotional package. In case you want to switch from your formerly preferred gambling website in Canada, no deposit casino bonus June 2022 is now your best friend for this month.

150 Free Spins for $10 Minimum Deposit

With the use of one of these codes, players can easily move to another gambling website in Canada without too much hassle. Believe it, nobody really wants to take any extra actions in June. Relax and make the most of your gambling activities with all those precious bonuses!

Casino promo codes July 2022

July 2020 Casino BonusHere comes a real game-changer in 2022, which is July. There is literally no need to wait no longer the 1st of July starts since the whole nation celebrates Canada Day. In the case of the online gambling websites that operate in Canada for Canadian gamblers, bonuses and special gifts seem to be never-ending, especially considering the casino bonus codes July 2022. If you’re from Canada, it is a must-do decision to visit your preferred online casino or one of the leading websites, such as (GAP).

Let’s be honest with you; such variability of the casino no deposit bonus codes July 2022 is impossible in any other country across the globe but in Canada. Catch the wave of the nationwide celebration and prepare yourself for some incredibly valuable offers, which are waiting for you in literally any corner in the Canadian Web.

1.5 BTC +200 Free Spins

Casino promotions August 2022

August 2020 Casino BonusInstead of spending the last warm days with their friends and close acquaintances, thousands of gamblers in Canada are up into gambling. Whatever the reasons are, statistics clearly show that the gambling websites in Canada are at the peak of their popularity during the entire August. What we clearly know from this increase in statistical data is that online gambling domains in Canada are eager to motivate even more players to gamble by aggressively promoting the casino no deposit bonus codes August 2022.

Solely because of the match between increased activity statistics and a variety of the casino bonus codes August 2022, the gambling websites are on the rise. Once you realize that your gambling adventure is about to start in August, don’t forget to take a look at the (CASINOS), which regularly amaze their players with lucrative free spins and reload bonuses.



Casino promotions September 2022

September 2020 Casino BonusWhat a great time to be alive and enjoy numerous gambling opportunities in September. Much because of the nationwide status of the Labour Day holiday, thousands of Canadians are eager to relax from their casual work routine. By switching to something more interactive and engaging, such as gambling, both online gambling websites and casual gaming enthusiasts in Canada.

Exclusively for the design of the Labour Day, some online platforms, including (GAP), offer casino no deposit bonus codes September 2022. They seem to be just the perfect introductory assistance modes for those who only think about returning back to the warmth of the summertime. Our review team certainly hopes that the casino bonus codes September 2022 will make you more optimistic about your daily routine, including the gambling one, throughout the whole September of 2022.

Double Deposit Bonus up to ca$350
  • We’ll give you 100% back on your first deposit up to C$200 – that’s up to C$200 free!
  • We’ll give you 150% back on your second deposit up to C$150 – that’s up to C$150 free!

Casino promotions October 2022

October 2020 Casino BonusHmmm, what about Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving promotions in 2022 are definitely something for anyone to enjoy the mood of this holiday. Luckily for the real fans of these times in October, numerous online casinos, such as (GAP) have prepared the casino bonus codes October 2022.

Except for the exclusive promotions dedicated to the celebration of Thanksgiving, most online casinos in Canada aim to reach new players by the use of the casino no deposit bonus codes October 2022, which are just fascinating popular ways to start baby steps in gambling adventures. Don’t be too shy and use at least some of the mentioned bonus codes on our website, especially if you’re looking for something new in terms of gaming experience.

Casino promotions November 2022

November 2020 Casino BonusIt is always good to realize and perceive how time actually moves closer to the end of the year. Remembrance Day promotions have long been one of the most lucrative bonus deals in Canada. Although you wouldn’t find those casino bonus codes November 2022 in all the online casinos, it might be good to look for it on the websites of the (GAP).

Since the year is closely moving to its logical conclusion, some online gambling websites in Canada also offer casino no deposit bonus codes November 2022, which are just the top-notch promotions for ending the Autumn season. Our recommendation is not to wait for those infamous Christmas promotions but to start benefiting in November, eventually preparing yourself for the never-ending cycle of the end of year’s bonuses in 2022!

Casino promotions December 2022

December 2020 Casino BonusFrom the perspective of our review team, December is a time to celebrate Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and other minor occasions. Online gambling websites in Canada, in turn, often prepare much more than that, especially keeping in mind the casino no deposit bonus codes December 2022. Such gambling websites as (GAP), offer the highest value no deposit promotions to the newcomers, which is sure to be just another reason to start gambling on one of the mentioned gambling platforms.

5 Bitcoins + 180 Free Spins

For the already active gambling enthusiasts in Canada, we recommend looking for the Christmas-inspired deals, special casino bonus codes December 2022, and even the unique reload bonuses. Don’t miss a chance to double, triple, or even quadruple your loyalty points, which is real in the (GAP), eventually heading to 2022 with full of energy and motivation to strive!


🎁 Which types of bonuses are available?

There are several types of bonuses that will be relevant for you this season. First, check out no deposit bonus codes Canada 2022 at Casinosapproved. Second pay attention on new match bonuses and free spins propositions.

🎁 Is it safe to use bonus codes?

Yes, it is completely safe. Bonus codes are made for your convenient and secure gambling. Any casino bonus 2022 you decide to use will be absolutely safe.

🎁 Are there any limitations to use casino bonuses?

As everything in the life, casino bonus promotions have their own limitations. Some bonuses available only for particular games and some bonuses may be used only for the particular time period. That is why you always may be in touch with relevant casino bonuses.

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