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Minimum deposit online casinos is quite a frequent topic of discussions across Canada since it sounds rather tempting, but the concept is still wrapped with the skepticism of potential players. Most online casino sites provide quite straightforward policy – create a personal account, make a deposit, play games, and withdraw your money if you win. This policy is backed up with expected financial logic – the more money, the bigger the chance for winning big money and so – called min deposit 1$ casino contradicts to this concept, but it actually has its grounded non-fraudulent story. So, what are $1 minimum deposit casinos in Canada? Those are online casinos, providing regular casino games, payment options, withdrawing options, bonuses, and free spins, but with the exception of 1$ required as your primary deposit.

80 Free Spins for just $1
100% to $300
CA$1500 + 150 FS
100% Bonus Up To CA$200 + 100 FS
$1500 + 150 FS
125 Free Spins for $10
150 Free Spins for only $10
150% MATCH UP TO CA$200

Different deposit minimums and options

Although minimum deposit casino sites are not so frequent anywhere, $1 deposit casino Canada can be found at several platforms. All those players looking for this pragmatic option which suits their limited budget for depositing will usually gravitate towards these sites. Although1$ deposit casino Canada is the most common form of minimum deposit casinos, there are more options to explore out there. Some other casinos offer start deposit of 5$, 10$ or 20$. All these options usually provide 100% bonus, and higher bonuses are given occasionally.


Considering the fact that all these gambling platforms are based on the policy of allowing regular playing and regular winning in spite of minimum amount, all these options may turn to be quite lucrative. One particular aspect should be accepted in order to prevent potential players from facing an unpleasant surprise. Namely, before stepping onto the minimum money casino platform, check for the specifics of their arrangement. Some casinos that advertise as 1 dollar deposit casino Canada allow one dollar of initial investment only for your initial depositing when you activate at their site for the first time. Others allow minimum money investment every time you require depositing but tend to limit this option by requiring you to use specified payment channels site has determined.

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Bonuses at one dollar casino

Another aspect that varies from site to site and should be explored prior to depositing. Not all real money casinos provide casino bonuses at the same terms. The rarest option available is casino allowing bonus with every minimum deposit. Somewhat more common scenario refers to casinos providing so-called welcome bonus attached to your first money investment.

The majority of minimum deposit websites won’t provide bonus with the first or any other 1$ deposit but will allow various bonuses for slightly higher low deposits, such as 5 or 10$. Finally, many of these casinos won’t allow bonuses in the form of additional money but might award you with some free spins.

Games available to play at 1$ online casinos

Opposite to the expectation that minimum investment will go with a rather narrowed down assortment of available casino games, most of these gambling platforms provide almost as rich collections of games as the regular casinos do. This includes all types of games found in a land-based casino, such as roulette, blackjack, poker, and others. Particularly popular games at these sites include all sorts of slot games, including 3-reel, 5-reel, and 7-reel slots, e-sport betting, and cards, with live dealer, included or without one. Most globally famous gaming software developers, such as NetEnt and Microgaming and represented at these casinos regularly.

$1 online casinos Canada

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$1 mobile casinos available to play for Canadians

As the online gambling industry is expanding towards mobile devices, including tablets and cell phones, iPhone and Android systems, network operating in Canada keep up with current trends. Now, you can access your favorite $1 minimum deposit mobile casino Canada anywhere using your mobile device. There are generally two options. You can access the online casino directly via browser and scale it down to fit the screen, or you can download mobile application available at the website.

Regardless of the fact that you’ll be playing via cell phone, you’ll be granted with the same advantages as if you were playing at the desktop. You will still be allowed do deposit minimum of 1$, to gain bonuses and free spins, do choose any game you like and to cash out the real money if you win.

Payment options – PaySafeCard for 1$ deposits

When it comes to payment options, online gambling casinos in Canada show some significant differences compared to the regular online casinos. Since transaction fees paid when using regular credit or debit card might be significant, especially to those gamers with a highly limited budget, most of these gambling houses provide alternative payment options. This is usually based upon e-wallets and various prepaid cards, as well as using Paysafecard as the main payment method.

Paysafe is convenient for low amounts since it won’t charge additional fees and transaction charges that sometimes might even excess the actual amount of the investment. Many online gambling houses set this as the mandatory term obligating players to choose Paysafe as their paying method in order to allow their first investment.

Depending on the specific terms of a given platform, you should be able to adjust the currency you prefer, while some sites insist on using the dollar as the only acceptable currency. Also, make sure to match the currency listed at your personal account and the account you are using for payment.

Try this option at Lucky Nugget online casino.

Withdrawal options at minimum 1 dollar deposit online casinos

This is probably the most important aspect of the casino’s policy and general terms you should explore prior to making any further steps. However attractive and tempting online casino 1 dollar deposit option sounds, it won’t do you much good if you are not allowed to withdraw it or you wait for ages for it. Namely, the first thing to bear in mind when playing at these types of casinos is that minimum amount determined for depositing usually isn’t the same as the minimum amount required for withdrawing. The second limit is usually higher. Also, the payment option, such as Paysafe, you might be asked to accept as the depositing method, might not be listed among the withdrawing options.

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The casinos usually provide one or two main withdrawing options but list a few alternatives you should always consider, especially if the main ones don’t suit you. Most casinos will support globally utilized cash out systems, such as Neteller, BankWire, Click and Buy, Click 2 Pay, and Entropay. Many of them even support the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency systems of cashing out. Aside minimum withdrawal amount of money and the provided cash out channels, you should always explore all the fees included in withdrawing process. Once you have analyzed all of these terms and aspects, combine the options that will be the most lucrative and convenient for you. Finally, the thing you should always be careful with refers to your personal and private date.

Professional online casinos have rigorous security measures for the protection of their client’s data and won’t release it to any third party without your approval. Nevertheless, careful with writing down your e-mail address, bank account information, and information regarding payment options you are using.

Loonie online casinos

The one-dollar Canadian coin has a very interesting Hendecagon shape (11-sided polygon). On its obverse side is a profile of Queen Elizabeth II, and on the reverse side is a bird. And no, it’s not some kind of duck or goose – it’s a Black-throated Loon, one of the symbols of Canada. Therefore, occasionally you could hear about loonie online casinos instead of the $1 option. By analogy, combining loonie and “two”, we get the name of 2 dollar coins – toonie. About toonie online casinos we wrote earlier.

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