Microtransaction Simulator Casino Words

As the gaming industry is booming, it becomes harder and harder to keep the attention of the Canadian players on one game. The hidden online real money casinos are often the right way to make the game even more interesting. However, it’s not that easy to unlock the casino – chances are you have to enter the password to proceed to a microtransaction simulator casino game. Here we’ll give the clues and guides how to open the casino that is hidden from the visitors without spending much time inventing the bicycle.

Microtransaction Simulator Casino Answers

When you open the CA game that has a hidden casino, you’ll see the number of underscores like in the word games where you guess the words to win. The underscores are for you to understand how many letters the word has – usually, it is from 6 to 13 symbols. The following words are the ones you’ll face the most.

One of the most popular Canadian online casino Zodiac uses Microtransaction Simulator method in its technology.

Microtransaction Simulator Casino Words Explained in the Lists

Six-letter word: ELICIT

Seven-letter words:


Eight-letter words:


Nine letter words:


Ten letter word:


Eleven letter words:


Twelve-letter word: INCONSISTENT

Thirteen letter are the following words:


Things to Know when Accessing the Hidden Casino in Canada

Before proceeding to guess the words, we have a few things for you to consider. First of all, make sure you understand how many symbols are in the word you need to guess. Unlike in the quiz games, you can be deprived of the options to have a few misses. Meaning: count the number of letters and pick the word from the list that you think might be the best fit.

Secondly, a real money casino in Canada of that sort is rarely for real money – it is, for the most part, just a free perk for you to spend some time outside of the game without leaving it. Don’t count on checking your winning out in CA dollars, as the maximum you’ll be able to do is to trade them for the game loot box.

Third, despite this casino being more or less a demo version, play any game responsibly just like if you were playing the real one at the online casino in Canada. The failure to do so will result in the unwanted addiction that can harm your social life and, potentially, lead to depression.

Finally, don’t pass off as a hacker if you aren’t one. The web is full of guides on how to unlock the casino with the cheat codes. If you have 0 ideas about how the gaming or CA casino software operates, you better stay out of it – it’s unlikely that you’ll harm the source code, but you might definitely bug your system. In case you’re the skillful programmer – well, proceed at your own risk but bear in mind the possible consequences according to the laws in Canada.

With this being said, you’re fully equipped to find what’s hidden and enjoy the casino-like experience from your favorite game.

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